Who Invented Homework and Why Was It Coined?

Homework is arguably every student’s nightmare; it robs them of their precious evenings, weekends, and holidays. Have you ever wondered why homework was invented and who came up with the idea? To answer these questions, you’ll have to travel back in time.

The History of Homework

There are so many theories surrounding the invention of homework. If you try googling its origin, you’ll learn of a person named Roberto Nevilis; he’s believed to be the pioneer of homework. However, little is known about Mr. Nevilis, with many other sources giving varying versions about the inception and origin of homework.

Since finding the originator of homework is rather hazy, asking why it was invented seems to be a more valid question. In order to efficiently answer the “why”, you’ll have to understand the process of learning.

The mind tends to quickly forget new concepts that are taught in class. Thus, repetition is always encouraged as a means of cementing the principles learned. In essence, revision helps the student to learn much better compared to when he or she is taught only once.

The Purposes of Homework

A lot of students interpret homework as the teacher’s punishment – though they do use it as punishment sometimes; however, when you take a lot a look at the benefits of assignments, you’ll begin to understand their significance. Here are some of the importance of homework.


Most often, students do my chemistry homework when they are alone. It’s quite common to see a person going through a concept that he or she struggles with several times before finally asking for help if need be. As a result, students develop the ability to learn on their own.

A Good Revision Tool

For students who find it hard to keep up with the rest of the class, homework proves to be a great revision tool. The person can learn at his or her own pace without feeling the pressure of being left out. Hence, it’s an excellent way to catch up with the rest of the class or even going ahead of them.

Developing Creativity

Doing your homework also helps in shaping your character. When a student does the homework well, the positive acknowledgment given by the teachers and parents does reaffirm self-confidence in him or her.

There’s a common denominator among the above-mentioned points, and that is; sharpening the individual to be self-reliant and mature. Yes, one of the underlying benefits of homework is preparing you for the future.

Role of Homework in the Modern Age

Over the years, homework has metamorphosed to the point of being integrated into certain facets of our lives. For you to receive a good GPA, you have no choice but to turn in well-written assignments. Moreover, in some colleges and universities, homework is used as part of your portfolio.

So, will homework ever be done away with? Not in the foreseeable future; for now, its benefits are far too great to be ignored or discarded. The good news is, inasmuch as many students don’t look forward to doing homework after school; it contributes to making independent and responsible individuals.

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